10 takeaways from today's Apple event [iPad Pro, iPhone 6S, 3DTouch]

Watching Apple’s keynotes today, here are my main takeaways after filtering out all the “best-ever”, “all-new”, “amazing”, “great-engineering” fluff Apple is well familiar with.
So here are 10 things to look forward to in Apple’s new stuff: 
  1. Apple Watch - native apps are coming, that will make the apps more useful than the current 10,000 Apple Watch apps in the AppStore. I’m getting mine when the second version of the Watch is out.  
  2. iPad Pro - I love it. Not to say I’m going to get one soon, but having multiple choices is important for the success of tablets, and just like I switched from a regular iPad to iPad mini - I’m sure many people will prefer the larger model that fits better for games and movies.  
  3. Four Speakers in iPad Pro - Finally an iOS device that aims to provide a decent sound experience. 
  4. Smart keyboard for iPad Pro - nothing innovative (despite Apple’s pathetic yet funny attempt to dig into the internals of each key button) but practical. With that keyboard the iPad Pro can easily become a substitute to many laptops out there.  
  5. Apple Pencil - on first look I thought: “how lame”, but the pen does seem interesting with the force sensors and angles capabilities resulting in a pretty natural writing experience. Going back to point 2 - for some people the pencil will become an important working tool. For most others - it will probably be useless. 
  6. Microsoft VP talking in an Apple event - what the…??? Took me a minute to get over it, but as a well known Microsoft fan I was very pleased to see the latest office stuff. Office is by far the best productivity suite I use in any of my computers and mobile devices regardless to the OS.  
  7. 3DTouch - One of the key topics to my opinion in this event: iPhone 6S will include a new way to interacting with the touch screen using force. 
    • Apple demonstrated a bunch of new useful “quick” actions a user can do using what used to be called “ForceTouch” and is now called “3D Touch”.
    • It’s interesting, innovative and I can see myself using those new options a lot. (Heck, ForceTouch in my new Mac is my favourite feature ever!) 
    • However, I do see 2 issues with this new massive feature:
      1. Why not stick with long press? People are familiar with it, and the outcome is similar although a bit slower. (one answer I can propose is: money from selling newer devices) 
      2. iOS is very simple and easy to use, that’s part of its’ success. 3D touch is not simple, it adds a new dimension to any interaction with a button or UI element. That can become messy and hard to operate. I’m not sure my parents will appreciate all sorts of popups and shortcuts suddenly appearing whenever their touch level will change. 
    • Bottom line - 3D Touch is the most interesting point presented today and even though I like the technology, I think Apple is taking a risk with this move. 
  8. Live Photos - big like! You just take a photo as you always have, and the iPhone will capture few additional photos (before and after) and will hold them for you in case you want to see those photos in a moving fashion later on. 
    • Brilliant. People love photos and this can become a major hit. 
    • Brilliant x 2. Now every picture will take even more space and people will have to buy even more expensive iPhones. 
    • Brilliant x 4. Other smartphones had it years ago (HTC anyone?), but Apple sure knows how to turn each feature into a king! 
  9. Move to Android - Apple’s Android app will let you easily move your material from your old Android to your new iPhone. This is freakier than the Microsoft guest appearance in this event… 
  10. Faster Touch ID - Touch ID has been extremely useful to me. I unlock my phone 300 times a day and having it unlocked automatically saves about 3 seconds per each, but the Touch ID does take about a second to work - so with a twice as fast Touch ID functionality I can save around 0.5 second per action, meaning 150 seconds (2.5 minutes) per day! Sick, but after watching the Microsoft demo and downloading the Move to Apple app from Google Play, counting seconds seems natural.
Overall, a lot of new stuff as usual.
I’m sure we will hear a lot of disappointed people complaining about the lack of innovation, but I actually think we saw enough of it today. 
3DTouch, I’m coming for you.