This 3 days work app will help you clean your photos in no time [iOS App]


Mobility reinvented the defintion of app; 10 years ago you wouldn't call a single feature software an "app", but today, when usability and speed are key - an app can easily have just one button or just one workflow and it would still be legitimate and even successful. 

This is the case with Clean, a tiny little app that helps you clean your camera-roll using up and down card gestures. 

I heard about it by accident while listening to a podcast by the developers of the app. Apparently they had some idle time so they took a few days to do something out if their usual domain. 

It took them 3 days to develop the app and their focus was on finishing it no matter what. They cut features, reduced the scope to the minimum but made sure to keep a friendly experience. Interesting product management use case. 

I think the result is quite amazing. I actually gave it a try and it is very useful if you have tons of similar photos you wish to get rid of (parents to young kids or babies know what I'm talking about). The UI is dead simple, the speed of the app is amazing and it even has nice undo options. 

Give it a try: Clean, a 3 days development app that can save you a lot of clicks and some serious iPhone space. 

Clean - Delete Photos from Your Camera Roll & Free Up Space by Yoovi Labs LTD.