Google is responsible for 50% of our mobile activities

A recent report by comScore lists the top 15 mobile apps based on iOS and Android usage.

Apple is ranked as the top smartphone manufacturer in the US with 41.3% market share, while Google Android continues to be the #1 smartphone platform with 53.2 percent platform market share. The fun part of this report deals with smartphone apps:

Facebook is ranked as the top individual smartphone app reached by close to 70% of the app audience, but the real star of this list is Google with no less than 6 out of those 15 apps.

In fact, out of the top 10 smartphone apps – 5 belong to Google. This is 50% of the most popular apps, and as you get closer to the top of the list – Google is even more dominant owning 3 out of the top 5 smartphone apps.

Top 15 mobile apps 2015

Given that our mobile activities are mostly done by apps (only 14% or our mobile activities are done through the web) – this means that Google is responsible for 50% of what we do with our smartphones: watching videos (YouTube), listening to music (Google Play), searching for information (Google Search), navigating (Maps), and sending emails (GMail). The list even includes Google+.

Of course, Android users get most of the Google apps embedded within their smartphones, but this doesn’t make this crazy achievement smaller, since pre-installed software can be easily considered as bloatware if it’s not good enough, and Google apps are much more than that. 

The full report can be found in here.


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