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Hi everyone!
Following my post about 84 cognitive biases that can be used to design better products, I received a lot of positive feedback, tons of backlinks and mentions in various UX newsletters, but there were also readers who felt that some of the examples were too manipulative and got into the gray zone of design, acting as dark patterns.

It motivated me to explore the world of dark patterns and summarize 20 of them with a lot of visual examples.


 New Posts 

20 Dark Patterns to avoid when designing products

20 UI (but not just UI) related patterns that trick the users into doing things they didn't intend to. Don't say I didn't warn you...

Let's see if you can guess the name of this one: 


Previously published: 



Why User Interviews Fail

A must read for every product manager or #entrepreneur out there.

7 product prioritization frameworks for product managers

7 prioritization methods to overcome one of the hardest product management tasks.

Data visualization - some practical tips 

A great guide by Google for selecting the right charts, colors, labels and more when presenting data in products, presentations and even emails.



The optimal placement for mobile call to action buttons

A great guide for placing mobile CTA buttons in the optimal location for improving conversion rates.

How to design and build great listing screens for your product

Some practical design tips for creating readable and usable lists.

A complete guide to iconography

A great guide to help you become an icon expert!

63 Beautiful Dark UI Examples & Design Inspiration

There’s some incredible stuff in this one. Take a look.



10 development patterns to create a highly flexible and healthy mobile app

Some practical tips for developing flexible mobile apps with solid configuration capabilities and backward compatibility.



Why Mazda is purging touchscreens from its' vehicles

It's about time someone will tell the emperor he is naked: touchscreens can be extremely annoying when used in the wrong places or by the wrong products. Here's why Mazda has decided to stop using touchscreens in vehicles.

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