The best blogging tool for iOS is now available for Mac

Many bloggers who are using a Mac have been complaining about the lack of a good Mac alternative for Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer.
Windows Live Writer connects to almost any blogging engine and lets you edit your posts in a native, offline, Word-like editor. It’s great, and up until recently I used my Parallels tool to launch Windows from my Mac just to open Live Writer (and I’m not the only one…). 
Well, not any more: my favorite blogging app for iOS just got a Mac OS version and it’s almost as good as the mobile version! 
I’ve written about BlogTouch in the past. It’s a freaking amazing blogging app for iPhone and iPad
Now, finally, there is a BlogTouch version for Mac. It’s still lacking a few powerful features (auto-complete for labels for instance), but it’s already the best alternative if you are using Blogger and want to edit your posts from your Mac in an offline fashion. I assume that users of other blogging platforms will find BlogTouch more than a decent option. 
So give it a try, and here’s a screenshot of my post. Just to prove that my recommendations are real… 


Gil Bouhnick The Mobile Spoon
ReviewOne said…
WLV was and is good but some of us use Wordpress custom fields and because of that it's not the best solution.