The best blogging tool for iOS is now available for Mac

Many bloggers who are using a Mac have been complaining about the lack of a good Mac alternative for Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer.
Windows Live Writer connects to almost any blogging engine and lets you edit your posts in a native, offline, Word-like editor. It’s great, and up until recently I used my Parallels tool to launch Windows from my Mac just to open Live Writer (and I’m not the only one…). 
Well, not any more: my favorite blogging app for iOS just got a Mac OS version and it’s almost as good as the mobile version! 
I’ve written about BlogTouch in the past. It’s a freaking amazing blogging app for iPhone and iPad
Now, finally, there is a BlogTouch version for Mac. It’s still lacking a few powerful features (auto-complete for labels for instance), but it’s already the best alternative if you are using Blogger and want to edit your posts from your Mac in an offline fashion. I assume that users of other blogging platforms will find BlogTouch more than a decent option. 
So give it a try, and here’s a screenshot of my post. Just to prove that my recommendations are real…