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My name is Gil Bouhnick, and I'm addicted to mobile gadgets.
I said it.
I didn't know how to begin this "about the author" page, so I decided to start with an honest confession.
Just like a kid, it's very easy to please me: whether it's a robot transforming into a car (yes, I grew up on the original Transformers and never lost my passion), a new set of drums (playing different instruments is something I've done ever since I can remember myself), or a new slick smartphone.

My Professional Experience:
I started as a software engineer at ClickSoftware focusing on building client side applications (ClickSchedule was one of them). After a few years in which I was involved in many projects, team leading, and engineering management, I decided to cross the lines a little bit into the business world, and combined my position in R&D with product management, as the Director of Mobility at ClickSoftware.
It's a weird combination, I know. Some would say it's even impossible, as often there is an ongoing conflict between product managers and R&D, but I think it is one of those impossible situations that lead to surprising results. The ClickSoftware mobility group was created, with dedicated people, and great products were built: ClickMobile Advanced, ClickMobile Professional, the Mobility Suite and more.

I see software development as an art. To be good at it, you must be creative, skilled, and seek for recognition.
Like an artist, you must have the urge to be the best in what you do; create, maintain, tune and improve, until everything is just perfect and ready to be presented to the world – your users.
Like with art, creativity is not enough: you must also have a good technique. In software development technique can only  be acquired with hard work, hands-on experience, and ongoing research.
In that respect, mobility is probably one of the hardest areas in software development; it's an agile world, constantly changing with a lot of unknowns.
The variety of technologies, hardware, environments, users and needs make mobility an uncertain but also fun and challenging.

Just think about the last few years - so many revolutions: iPhone, Android, iPads – amazing stuff, but more important: a university of innovation and great software!
And this is why I love mobility so much – nothing is obvious, when things might get complicated you can bet they will, for sure, get complicated, but the combination of all of the above turns the whole experience into a pure fun.
7 years ago I switched from being a UI expert to focusing on mobility. I think it was a smart move, as mobility is more than just work to me, it's also a hobby.

Writing about different mobile technologies, devices, applications and trends, I started my own mobility blog called The Mobile Spoon, focusing on hot mobility topics, from mobile operating systems to different devices, apps recommendations, tips and guides, and of course, trends, opinions etc.

2 years later, we've established MobileFever, ClickSoftware's Enterprise Mobility blog, which focuses on parts of mobility which are mostly relevant for the enterprise.

I hope you'll enjoy the read, and if you do - make sure to leave a comment, just so I can improve.

More details about how I started the mobile spoon

Gil Bouhnick, Director of Mobility, Awarded "Visionary" In Mobile Star Awards

Sincerely yours,
Gil Bouhnick

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