What's the Hottest Startup in Tel Aviv?

Missbeez - the hottest startup in Tel Aviv according to Wired Magazine

Well, according to WIRED - That’s us!

My startup Missbeez (2019 update: acquired by Il MAKIAGE) was selected by WIRED as one of the hottest startups in Tel Aviv, and of course, we are honored and happy to be on that list.

Need a massage and don’t feel like leaving home?
Missbeez to the rescue!

Want to do TRX workouts and don’t know how to begin?
Open the app and book your introduction training.

Need a haircut and all the salons are already closed?
Missbeez is always “open”! 24/7

The hottest startup in Tel Aviv - Missbeez

Cross countries, multi-skills, and multi-professions marketplace for lifestyle services on demand - that’s what we have been working on for almost 3 years, optimizing urban logistics, scheduling and travel, bringing the best professionals to the doorsteps of our customers, overcoming traffic conditions, parking issues, special requests, personal preferences, and many other challenges. 
Massages, fitness, yoga, nails, hairstyle, facials, eyelashes, and more - are all available through a sweet & intelligent mobile app. 

That’s Missbeez - and according to WIRED magazine, we are one of the hottest startups in Tel Aviv.

Who am I to argue with WIRED

Here’s the full list of Tel Aviv’s hottest startups: 
  1. missbeez.com
  2. healthy.io
  3. cs-robotics.com
  4. lawgeex.com
  5. bancor.network
  6. otonomo.io
  7. zeek.me
  8. lightricks.com
  9. lemonade.com
  10. vayyar.com