On Demand Webinar: The Impact of User Interface on Productivity

User interface tips and tricks - the mobile spoon

  • What is the difference between user experience and usability?
  • Why shouldn’t you use bold fonts?
  • Why are popup messages evil?
  • Why do I hate my car’s media player?
  • How long does it take before a visitor navigates away from your site or deletes your app?

User Interface Presentation - Gil Bouhnick

  • Who really controls the software User Interface in the Enterprise?  
  • What is the most important factor impacting usability which is not even visual?
  • Who invented flat design?
  • What advantages do flat UI has besides a modern look?

Bath   Flat Microsoft

  • How to select the right color for your action button?
  • What are delightful moments in software and how can you develop some?
  • What is Material Design?

Answers to those questions and many more in a 200 slides long presentation which was recorded a few months ago as a webinar.

In the webinar, I tried to cover the many aspects of user interface and how they impact the success of any software, app, or an enterprise solution.

Flat Shoes   ipod   

There are over 50 tips embedded within the presentation

Some of them are high level, while others are detailed and can be applied on any software, website, mobile app, or even presentation or a document. Took me a while to collect all the material for this project – and I sure hope you will find it useful.

Flat vs. shadows

Head over to the webinar link to start watching.

More UI tips in here: