5 Cool Things To Do With Microsoft Band

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It’s no secret that I’m practically in love with my Microsoft Band. I’m using it mainly as a sport band (gym, running, overall activity tracking) and as a side benefit it’s also a pretty nice replacement to a Smartwatch as it gives most of the basic functionality of a smartwatch (notifications, quick replies, weather, voice activation [Cortana], calendar, facebook) and even a… keyboard.

There is a new development API Microsoft recently released which means we may soon see some new apps using it – but until they come – there are already a few nice things to do with the Band beyond tracking your running routs, statistics and best performance.


Here are five cool things to do with the Microsoft Band:

1. Customize the UI

The user interface of the Band uses Windows tiles, which is quite elegant, but if you want to place a wallpaper or change the accent color beyond the standard options you can do that with a nice app called Pimp My Band.

Pimp My Band - mobilespoon

Download Pimp My Band


2. Make it vibrate and flash!

Why? Because it’s cool.
And it’s important to remind everyone that you have a Band and they don’t.

Pimp My Band - the Mobile Spoon

Just download Find My Band and you are all set.


3. Demo the smallest keyboard in the world

Yes, it actually works. Not that I’m ever going to really need it, but the thing is a wonderful piece of technology.

Here’s a short video demonstrating the keyboard.


4. Perform guided workouts without a personal trainer

If you need some extra push with your gym training, the Band can be a great sports assistant.
The guided workouts are really cool, they take you step by step through the entire workout including the number reps and number of seconds to rest between the sets.

Microsoft Band Guided Workouts - Mobilespoon

Read more about Guided Workouts


5. Check out the different sensors in real-time

If you are board, or just want to check some interesting statistics about your body condition, an app called Band Sensors can help you out: the app activates the 10 different sensors loaded into the Band and provides a quick snapshot of your current status: heart rate, skin temperature, galvanic skin response, movement counter, steps, and of course battery condition (not yours, the band’s).

In addition the app will pull out the ambient light level and the UV level (which is also exposed in one of the Band’s tiles).

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Download Band Sensors app