Here's why BlogTouch is the best blogging app for mobile devices


I recently started using a truly amazing blogging app called BlogTouch . I started with the free version and after a few hours I was already impressed and purchased the Pro version called BlogTouch Pro

Blogging is a hobby I started years ago when I looked for a way to summarize my mobile research and thoughts and also help the ones close to me stay updated with the topics that interest us. 
Over the years I've had ups and downs with the mobile spoon. I had months with hundred of thousands of readers followed by months I could not write due to my work load ending up with a major drop in the number of readers.  But since the mobile spoon was always meant to remain a hobby I was fine with it. 

As most of my reading activity is done through my  smartphones and tablets, I kept searching for a quick way to write and edit my posts directly from those mobile devices, but I couldn't find a proper mobile blogging tool. I tried many apps both for smartphones and tablets but always fell short and kept going back to using Microsort LiveWriter on my Windows laptop.  

Until two weeks ago. 

Looking for a quick way to summarize my thoughts during MWC I found BlogTouch. 

It's by far, the best text editor and blog writer I have ever used, and I think I used almost all of them!

Here's few of the reasons why it's so good: 
  1. Rich text editor with bullets and ordered lists 
  2. Good support for drafts, local or web based
  3. Seamless way to insert images and edit their size, text, layout. Definitely a unique capability in this space when talking about mobile editors
  4. Ability to embed YouTube videos in 2 clicks. Another winner!
  5. Labels support and lookup 
  6. Stable UI - . I didn't encounter any bug so far and I'm using few times a day. 
  7. Smooth experience and great UI

BlogTouch Pro turned my iPhone into a powerful blogging tool so if you are looking for a quick and convenient way to summarize your thoughts and readings - give BlogTouch a try. It works with all the leading blogging platforms (WordPress, Blogger) and is the richest app in this space.