Productivity tip: how to search a word within a website in iOS

This post is old but still relevant! check out this useful tip most iPhone users are not familiar with: 

Did you know that you could search for a word within a website using your iPhone browser?

Apparently, this feature exists for a while now but somehow I never noticed it. 

To use the 'find in page' feature just start writing the term you are looking for in the URL bar. 

What will happen is that Safari will present a list of suggestions (websites and search terms). In the bottom of this auto complete drop down list you will notice a section called "on this page" with the number of the matches found on the current website.  

In the example below I'm searching for the word "windows":

Clicking this item will take you to the search results mode, where the matches are highlighted and you can jump quickly through the results.  

So if you are already familiar with this basic one - forget I even mentioned it. But if like me, you didn't know this option existed - your mobile web browsing activities are about to become much more efficient.