What is the best Google Analytics App for iOS?

After trying out more than a few my answer is: Quicklytics.


Took me a while to find the best mobile Google Analytics app, but after trying out around 10 different options I am pretty convinced that Quicklytics is the best one.

My needs are pretty basic: I am addicted to the daily stats; (some people check their stocks, others check their website stats). I need an app that can show the statistics on a daily basis and also present the result of the current day. I focus on the number of visitors, number of page views, top pages and traffic sources.

Quicklytics provides a perfect user experience for such kind of needs and has much more to offer.

The UI of the app is simple and clean, it provides a very easy navigation model even if you have more than one website to monitor, and it lets you easily navigate between graphs and tables.

For the power users out there, Quicklytics provides more than 80 different reports, including browser types, operating systems etc. It even has the "right now" view presenting the "live" stats.


Well, I don't want to sound like someone who got paid to write such a positive review so I will stop here. Check out this little app. It's good, and in case I forgot to mention: it’s totally free.

Download Quicklytics from the AppStore