I Finally Found The Best Email App for Mac!

Few years ago I switched from Windows to Mac.
I had to find a solution for 3 Windows-based tools I just couldn't work without:

  1. Excel (if you use Excel's power tools you KNOW there are no alternatives out there).
  2. PowerPoint (I build all my presentations with PowerPoint. Luckily enough, Microsoft's Office for Mac includes a pretty good version of it).
  3. Outlook (I hate Apple's stock email app: it's gray, basic, and misses some important features). 

I managed to solve my Excel problem only by installing Parallels Desktop and have it available whenever I need to do some heavy Excel lifting.

The email problem on the other hand, was something I couldn't solve for over a year.

Despite switching to modern project management tools and team collaboration apps - email is still one of the tools I spend most of my time with. I hate my email overflow, and yet I can't live without it, but I needed an email client I would enjoy using and the stock email app was not the one.

I tried many alternatives: MS Outlook for Mac, Mail Pilot, Unibox, Polymail, Newton, and a bunch of others I don't even remember. Each of them had its' own limitations that turned into deal breakers.

My Needs:

To be honest, I think my needs are pretty basic: an email client that will work with multiple accounts, provide a decent composing experience (with rich text, bullets and embedded images), have a strong and accurate search, and above all - provide a friendly, comfortable, bearable experience dealing with hundreds of emails every day. The volumes and UX are crucial to me.

As a Windows user - I had Outlook, but it's just not good enough for Mac.

Few weeks ago I found out that Spark, one of the best email apps for iOS - had a new Mac version. I downloaded it immediately and discovered a beautiful email client that has the potential to become the best one in the market. 

The Spark Approach: 

Just like the mobile version, Spark has a unique 'Smart Inbox' that categorizes your emails into different groups called 'cards': Personal emails, notifications, Newsletters, Pinned emails, and more.

It's not the first app to categorize emails - but the UI is extremely convenient and helps you quickly scan your inbox and handle the important ones first. 

In addition to Smart Inbox, Spark is also loaded with other features, packed inside a friendly UI that makes it really easy to manage high email volumes. When you spend so many hours with an app - you want the UI the be as cozy and comfortable as possible. Spark does a great job in this respect.

Last, the search functionality is extremely accurate. Once again - when you are dealing with hundreds of emails you need your search to be as accurate as possible.

So if, like me, you don't feel happy with the stock email app - give Spark a try. After trying so many alternatives, I think this is the best app a Mac user can get these days. And judging by Spark's constantly improving iPhone app - I believe the Mac version is going to get even better real soon.

Download Spark for Mac