4 Mobile App Development Lessons For This Week

Mobile Development Tips
Here’s a great collection of best practices when developing apps (mobile apps and general ones). 
Extremely useful and educational! 
A perfect list of small “todo” items we often forget about. 
Browser favicon, logout option, default user image, empty states, terms & conditions, tab order, empty auto-complete state and many more. 
I recommend reading it all and saving this for a rainy day. 
A brilliant article talking about Shortcuts and Hooks. 
Effectively, shortcuts make your funnel less deep, by cutting out some steps. Take Amazon for instance. When you buy a book, it immediately shows you other books people who bought that book purchased. You don’t need to go back and search for other books by the same author, or other books on the same topic. The list is right there in front of you. That’s an example of a shortcut.
Hooks broaden the top of your funnel. Zillow is the perfect case study here. On average, people buy or sell a home every five years. Given that rate, it wouldn’t make sense to only market to people who have identified as home buyers or sellers. That audience would be a tiny moving target. Instead, Zillow redefined its addressable market with its “Zestimates,” an estimated value of a home, which is a general curiosity for most people — who doesn’t want to know the value of the home they live in, or the one their boss lives in? It was the hook that got millions to engage with Zillow repeatedly.
A poll by Google found the main 4 reasons why users hate the apps they hate.
The main culprits when it came to users hating your mobile app or website were:
  • Waiting for slow pages to load
  • Being shown ads
  • Unplayable videos
  • Getting redirected to the homepage
This article goes over all of them and suggests solutions: 
This is article goes over 7 patterns that will give you a bigger control over your apps, allow you to easily support old versions of your apps when the users are reluctant to upgrade, and will help you create a healthy client/server architecture with solid backward compatibility. 
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