6 useful websites for downloading free illustrations


Work illustrations by Storyset

They say a good illustration can really boost your presentations, websites, or products. 

So here's a handy list of websites where you can download illustrations for free:

1. Undraw

I typically start any visual search with Undraw. There are a lot of illustrations there, with a very consistent look and feel. 

Undraw - free illustrations

I love the way those illustrations can be customized using the color picker.
For advanced customizations, I sometimes download the illustration as an SVG file and modify portions of it in Figma

The only problem with Undraw is that it became too popular and widely used by way too many products and websites... 

Link: https://undraw.co/illustrations

2. Storyset

An awesome collection of free customizable illustrations that can fit products, websites, and presentations. 

The search works good, and there are a few customization options around colors and backgrounds. 

You can download the illustrations as PNG or SVG in case you want to further modify them with Figma. 

Link: https://storyset.com/

3. Ouch

A great source for illustrations of different styles: flat, 3D, colorful, animated, etc. 

Ouch - free illustrations

If you are looking to get inspired by different styles or interested in certain types of illustrations - good chance you'll find them here. 

Link: https://icons8.com/illustrations

4. DrawKit

The Drawkit website offers many free hand-drawn vector illustrations that can give you creative ideas for your app, website, or presentation. 

Link: https://www.drawkit.com/

5. Open Doodles

Open Doodles is a free set of open-source illustrations. If you like Pablo Stanly's hand-drawn style - you can find a lot of interesting human positions that can be used in presentations or in your products. 

Open Doodles - free illustrations

The illustrations can be downloaded for free as PNG or SVG files. 

Link: https://www.opendoodles.com/

6. Open Peeps

Another hand-drawn illustration library with tons of illustrated characters.
You can download all the resources to your computer, or simply download specific characters as needed. 

Open Peeps - free illustrations

For the designers out there - downloading all the resources will let you mix & match different components to create your own characters. Funky. 

Link: https://openpeeps.com/

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