5 Things I Learned In The Transition From B2B to B2C

3 years ago I decided it’s time for me to leave my product role in a large B2B software company and start my own B2C startup called Missbeez. I would like to share with you some of the insights of my journey so far and the key differences between leading a B2B product and a B2C one. 1. You don’t have to wait 2 years to see your new features in productionOne of my biggest pains with my previous product was the time it took from the moment we decided to build something - to the time it was available for our users to use. 
We developed things pretty quickly, but there were dependencies between products that slowed down the releases, there were long sales cycles that took months, and the implementation for each business took months as well. 
I remember thinking: “Congratulations dear customer! You are finally live with our not so latest and greatest!”With my current product Missbeez - we build something today and it can be live in production… today
We are able to change, release, measure a…

50 Apps That Will Double Your Productivity With Your iPhone

I'm an apps addict. 
As a strategy - I select my working tools only after making sure they have a solid mobile version so I can be on top of everything 24/7, regardless to where I am.  This gives me the option to control almost 100% of my work and personal activities straight from my smartphone, whenever or wherever I am. 

Many of these apps are not new. Some have millions of users, and yet many people I talk to are not familiar with many of them, so I decided to create a list of all the important apps I use. 

You won’t find Facebook, Twitter, Uber or Waze in this list as those are too basic. 
You will find however, a nice collection of apps that will increase your productivity and make you forget about your computer... 

Tier 1: Must Have Apps

1. Pocket My all time favorite mobile app.  In short - Pocket lets you save articles for offline reading.  In long - it’s the best ‘read it later’ solution and a practical solution for the ‘too-many-open-tabs’ syndrome. It lets you store websites…

I Finally Found The Best Email App for Mac!

Few years ago I switched from Windows to Mac.
I had to find a solution for 3 Windows-based tools I just couldn't work without:

Excel (if you use Excel's power tools you KNOW there are no alternatives out there).PowerPoint (I build all my presentations with PowerPoint. Luckily enough, Microsoft's Office for Mac includes a pretty good version of it).Outlook (I hate Apple's stock email app: it's gray, basic, and misses some important features). 

I managed to solve my Excel problem only by installing Parallels Desktop and have it available whenever I need to do some heavy Excel lifting.

The email problem on the other hand, was something I couldn't solve for over a year.

Despite switching to modern project management tools and team collaboration apps - email is still one of the tools I spend most of my time with. I hate my email overflow, and yet I can't live without it, but I needed an email client I would enjoy using and the stock email app was not the one.

I …

This App Represents Everything I Love About Apple.

Evernote’s redesigned mobile app aroused my curiosity and after a break of 2 years, I decided to give It another try.
48 hours later, my main conclusion is that the new Evernote reminded me, once again, why I love Apple so much.

For years I’ve been using digital tools as my notebook replacement. It started with Microsoft’s OneNote, but when mobile started to take over, and Microsoft still had issues understanding this new world, I had to switch to a friendlier tool.
I found Evernote; a modern, mobile-first app that had everything I looked for: a simple design, speed, multiple device support, it was perfect for my humble needs.
As I was collecting notes, Evernote was collecting users, fans, API’s, apps, built on top of its’ ever-growing platform, and it became big.
Too big.
Overloaded with features, lists, views, I started to dislike the new Evernote… the cute little app evolved into a monster, while my original requirements remained exactly the same: a digital notebook replacement.

How Microsoft PowerPoint Can Be Your Favorite Mockups Tool

If you are a software developer, a product manager, or an entrepreneur developing a mobile app or a website — you probably spend a decent amount of your time designing mockups. While Photoshop, Sketch, Balsamiq (and others) are great — Microsoft PowerPoint is the one I actually prefer for designing new functionalities. Here’s how you can turn PowerPoint into a designing tool: 1. Start with some screenshots The first thing to do is take a bulk of screenshots from your app. Note: if you are designing a completely new product you can other apps as your reference to size, fonts, and layout. Make sure to capture elements you can reuse in your new designs, even when working on new completely new screens.
Missbeez search result design — card represents an offer from a service provider which the user can enlarge to see more details and read recommendations.
2. Paste your screenshots on blank slides Paste the screenshots on a PPT blank slides with no template.
If you are pasting mobile screenshot…