How I became a Superhuman (email app review)

Review: Superhuman desktop and mobile email app  I first heard about Superhuman when a member of a productivity group I’m subscribed to, asked for an invite to a new email app called “Superhuman”.Being an productivity and email freak who literally tried all the email clients ever invented (seriously: I used ALL of them: Mailbox, Boxer, Newton, Trove, Timyo, Boomerang, Spark, Acompli (Outlook), Edison, Polymail, Redkix, Inboxcube, Hop, Chuck, Unibox, Loop, Astro, Cloze, Missive, Mailspring) - I was immediately intrigued. I entered the discussion searching for an invite link and learned that one of the group members was not accepted to the beta program because his use cases didn’t match the pre-requisites 😳. “Invitees only?! Beta candidates being disqualified?!? That’s exactly my thing!” I thought to myself and headed over to (yes, they really own this domain) to get the app everyone is talking about. A paid betaTrying to register I quickly realized Superhuman costs m…

What Size Should Your iPhone App Be Optimized For? [Design]

It’s been over a year since Apple introduced the all mighty nothing-but-screen (and notch…) iPhone X.
One year later, with 3 new X-style iPhones, and given that most companies design and showcase their apps on iPhone first - I’m asking myself a few questions:

1. Which iPhone model (and size) should we optimize our UI  for?  I knot the theoretical answer is “all of them”. But assuming I need to select one - which one should it be?   2. Should we start small and scale-up or maybe the other way around?  Assuming the answer to Q1 is iPhone X/XS - should the design process start small and scale up or maybe it’s time to change this practice and start big?  3. In a case of a conflict - who wins? The big guys or the small ones?  When a UI design cannot scale up/down naturally, who gets the priority: the big iPhones or the smaller ones?    4. Now that iPhones are all giants, what’s the smallest model we still need to support? Is it still the ridiculously tiny iPhone 5S/SE (320x568)? Or maybe i…

4 Mobile App Development Lessons For This Week

Here’s a great collection of best practices when developing apps (mobile apps and general ones).  Extremely useful and educational!  1. The unpopular product development todo list A perfect list of small “todo” items we often forget about.  Browser favicon, logout option, default user image, empty states, terms & conditions, tab order, empty auto-complete state and many more.  I recommend reading it all and saving this for a rainy day.  Continue reading... 2. The new “Must Haves” for mobile apps to succeed in 2018 A brilliant article talking about Shortcuts and Hooks.  Shortcuts:  Effectively, shortcuts make your funnel less deep, by cutting out some steps. Take Amazon for instance. When you buy a book, it immediately shows you other books people who bought that book purchased. You don’t need to go back and search for other books by the same author, or other books on the same topic. The list is right there in front of you. That’s an example of a shortcut. Hooks:  Hooks broaden the top of your…

12 Reasons Your Presentation Sucks (and how to fix it)

So you had to present in a large conference and the feedback was not that great…It can be the audience’s fault of course… but maybe… just maybe, it’s you who failed to deliver.Here’s a quick check-list with common mistakes to avoid when working preparing a presentation:1. You start your preparations too late You are a busy man with a successful career but when you stand on a stage you are all alone and exposed - get prepared. I usually start preparing my slides 4 weeks in advanced because I know how hard it is for me to free up the time and concentrate on the creative work. I’ve seen so many brilliant people fail with their presentation simply because they didn’t invest enough in it. 2. You don’t spend enough time planningLike any project, presentations need to be planned ahead:The message you want to deliverThe openingkey takeawaysCrystalize your message, structure your slides, hold a note with ideas and key sentences you wish to use and make sure to write down any idea that pops to …

WhatsApp's New Popup Menu Shows How Bad The Default iOS Menu Is

Have you seen WhatsApp’s new popup menu? Have you seen how convenient it is? Have you noticed how better it is than the previous, iOS-style one? In one of its' latest updates WhatsApp introduced a new popup menu that replaced the regular horizontal iOS-style menu with a vertical one. It’s noticeably different and much more convenient, and although it’s a small UI component I believe that the change was made because users actually used the popup menu a lot and it was not comfortable enough. So why do I get all excited about it? Moving away from standard UI components to custom UI components is interestingThe new popup menu is quite better than iOS default oneUsing the new one made me realize how much I hate using the standard iOS popup menuYep, the new popup menu is much better.
Here are the advantages: The verticalized list is easier to scanEach menu item includes an icon and a text which is greatInstead of the tiny ▶︎ button (indicating there are more items) that is not finger fri…

5 Brilliant UI/UX Lessons For This Week

Traveling this week I had the opportunity to read some brilliant UI/UX design tips articles.  Here are my top 5:  You might also find this one useful:  5 great UI/UX lessons for this week

1. Visual Hierarchy They say the average human attention span is 8 seconds these days.
If this is indeed the case, your design must deliver the message within less than 8 seconds.
Your ingredients are:
- The text
- The icons/photos
- The colors
- The background

In order for your design to tell your story quickly and efficiently - visual hierarchies are a must.
I recently came across a brilliant infographic showing some amazing examples:

2. Letter Casing The following guide explains everything you need to know about letter casing and how it impacts the way customers read your text.  Going back to the previous point (8 seconds attention span) - making your text easily readable can change the conversion rate of your product.  Why letter casing is important to consider during desi…

Who's the Hottest Startup in Tel Aviv?

That’s us!  Missbeez was selected by WIRED as one of the hottest startups in Tel Aviv, and of course, we are honoured and happy to be in that list.  Need a massage and don’t feel like leaving home? Missbeez to the rescue! Want to doing TRX workouts and don’t know how to begin? Open the app and book your introduction training.  Need a haircut and all the salons are already closed? Missbeez is always “open”! Cross countries, multi-skills & multi-professions marketplace for lifestyle services on demand - that’s what we have been working on for almost 3 years, optimising urban logistics, scheduling and travel, bringing the best professionals to the doorsteps of our customers, overcoming traffic conditions, parking issues, special requests, personal preferences and many other challenges.  Massages, fitness, yoga, nails, hairstyle, facials, eye lashes, and more - are all available through a sweet & intelligent mobile app.  That’s Missbeez - and according to WIRED magazine, we are one o…

Mapping the new iPhone XS Max and XR Screen Resolutions with Google Analytics Results

There are some differences between the screen resolutions defined by Apple and the resolutions presented in Google Analytics.  When trying to analyze the different devices used to run your mobile apps you need to map each device to its' screen resolution as seen by GA. 
With the additions of the iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR - you are probably asking yourself:
"What's the screen resolution of the iPhone XR compared to iPhone XS Max?"
Well, things are definitely getting more complicated to follow so here’s a short table that maps the different iPhone models next to their screen resolution as presented in Google Analytics:  Google Analytics Screen Resolutions per each iPhone Model: Here are all the new iPhone models (including XR and XS Max) with their screen resolutions
as seen by Google Analytics  DeviceScreen resolutionPPIMultiplyGoogle Analytics ResolutioniPhone 5/SE320 x 568326 ppi2640 x 1136iPhone 6-8375 x 667326 ppi2750 x 1334iPhone 6-8 Plus414 x 736401 ppi31080 x 192…

Can you tell the difference between Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm) and Series 3 (42mm)?

Would you tell the difference between Apple Watch Series 4 (44mm) and Series 3 (42mm)? I was not sure, so I decided to spend £399 to check it.
Apple products tend to provoke criticism at first sight and then, after a while, you buy them.
A smartphone with no 3G? a tablet without a camera? Silly looking airpods? A notch? Let’s get them all.
And now there’s the new Apple Watch.
While the 3rd generation added some cool new sensors, the 4th generation adds… well, 2mm and a slightly modified design. Apple tries to convince us that it’s a redesigned product, but looking at the reviews, I wasn’t quite sure there are significant differences between the models.

So after a lot of hesitations I decided to walk into the Apple store during my recent travel to London.
I knew it might end up with me buying something I don’t need, but I just couldn’t resist it.
The new Apple Watch was there.
It was staring at me as I anticipated.
So beautiful, so much bigger (+2mm!!!) then the old Watch (Series 3) I o…