Five product management guides to start the week with

Product led growth guide - the mobile spoon

Feeling nostalgic, I decided to round up my top 5 product management guides. It's a quick trip down memory lane with my post popular posts.

Let's dive in! 

1. Product-led Growth

Product-led growth has been around for years, but many product managers still struggle to implement it properly. I've put together a short guide to kick start my reader's knowledge about PLG - so if you're not sure about it - this 10-minute read will get you up to speed.

Link: Product-led growth - the pocket guide every product person should read

2. MVPs

Fed up with the endless "Is this really an MVP?" debates? Jump into my ultimate list of MVP flavors and settle those disputes once and for all.

Link: 10 shades of MVP (or: how to develop a product without developing a product...)

3. Early adopters

Noticed a shift from your first users to the later ones? You might be in the early adopter's trap. Dive into my guide on early adopters and their impact on your product's success.

Link: The good, the bad, and the ugly side of your early adopters

4. Retention rate and cohort analysis

One of my all-time favorite posts. Retention is such an important topic and this guide tackles it from 4 different angles. Took me few years to implement those techniques with my startup, and few more hours to write it down ;-). It's a must-read packed with insights!

Link: Cohort analysis - 4 ways to analyze your product retention rate

5. Payments and conversion rates

Asking users to pay changes the vibe from chill to thriller overnight: trust issues, drop offs, grand expectations. Dodge the mass user exodus with my guide on integrating payments without causing a user apocalypse. 

Link: 10 lessons learned from asking our users to pay