Best of 2018: The Mobile Spoon

2018 is finally coming to an end, and that’s a great opportunity to check what were the most popular posts this year!
So here are the top 5 articles of 2018 here at the mobile spoon.

5. 5 Things I Learned In The Transition From B2B to B2C

 What happens when a B2B guy (that’s me!) starts his own B2C startup?
Who is the buyer? How do you speak with your customer? 
Where are all the IT guys?
Where did all the fabulous customizations go?

4. 12 Reasons Your Presentation Sucks (and how to fix it)

We all go to conferences hoping to be entertained while getting some valuable insights.
Often enough the speakers are extremely knowledgeable but the presentations are disappointing. 
This short guide aims to help those presenters (hey, it might be you!) create and deliver better presentations with 12 useful tips.  

3. A List of All Operating Systems Running on Smartwatches [Wearables]

This one is an old post I wrote a few years ago (before the Apple Watch was even released!) but since it kept getting a lot of visitors I decided to refresh it a bit, adding new wearable operating systems such as watchOS, fitbit OS and others.

2. The zombies are not coming

What happens when you launch a B2C mobile app with around 500 early registrations? What happens when zombies across the world are coming to get you (and your app) and destroy your infrastructure? If you are not scared of zombies - go ahead and read the rest… 

1. UX writing: a comprehensive guide for designing text and typography in mobile apps

This guide was the most popular post in 2018 and my absolute favorite!
Took me quite a while to collect those 40 UI tips but once I did - it was a lot of fun to create the guide and the examples.I think the consistent visual design and the short structure made it pretty useful for many designers, developers and product managers out there, dealing with mobile apps. 
BTW, there are few more guides such as this one on their way, so stay tuned and subscribe to my mailing list and get my totally unprofessional and useless stuff directly to your inbox.  See you in 2019!Gil