Tired of ChatGPT? Give Quora's Poe a try

ChatGPT is Down? Check out POE by Quora - The Mobile Spoon
ChatGPT down? Use Poe. 

It's getting harder to use ChatGPT's original web app due to crazy demand. 

In my post, on how to get the most out of ChatGPT, I mentioned a few power tools to use ChatGPT on mobile such as Fred (previously called Alfred), Siri's voice command (use Siri to talk to ChatGPT), and many more. 

Today I would like to present to you an exciting alternative to ChatGPT, developed by Quora, that is not only available on mobile but also entirely unrelated to ChatGPT, which means it's always happily available when ChatGPT is "at capacity".

It's called Poe (Platform for Open Exploration) and based on my tests so far it provides more comprehensive answers than ChatGPT, including explorable links, topics to expand on, built-in follow-up questions, and different flavors of AI answers. 

Oh, and it's free. 

Screenshots from using Poe - Quora's alternative to ChatGPT - The Mobile Spoon
Poe in action

Now think about what will happen when Quora starts embedding those answers with its' proprietary data, generated by 400M monthly unique users, with the existing knowledge... this can become massive. 

Poe is currently only available on iOS (companies still start with iOS). Android is coming soon.

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